Non-professional musician with no specified music genre. I sometimes tend to make weird amalgamas using orchestra, chiptune, ambient stuff, etc.
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Happy 2024 everyone!

This is an update news post after more than a year of not showing any life signs around here.

So, 2023 sucked.

Yeap. It definitely sucked. One of the worst years of my life. Flopped at college, got a job that pays a quarter of Argentina's minimum wage, and I haven't made any significant accomplishments that would make me think "well, at least I did *something*. Oh, and lots of depression i guess, among other non-important bs nobody cares about anyways. I guess I could say something about the music part of it, I did do stuff I'm very proud of, but I feel very swamped regarding stuff such as projects, goals, visibility and, well, the music itself.

And that's why...

I decided to face 2024 with optimism for several reasons (one of them being the fact it's the Year of the Dragon, my chinese zodiac sign). For this reason, I'm gonna start with a bang and tell you about what I did for today's event:

Pixel Day!!!

I'm kicking this year off with some chiptune for Pixel Day 2024. I love chiptune, but I never knew how to make it right. Every year I get closer and closer and closer... I hope one day I get to make THE chiptune to end all chiptunes. You can check it out here:

(one more thing, and keep this between you and me, I kiiiiinda hope I win this time. I could really use the money. And if I don't, well... I'll try again next year, and the next one, and the next one......)

I'll still make a new post with a retrospective about what DID happen last year, since I'm writing this from my phone and writing news posts on NG is pretty uncomfortable on mobile.

I wish everyone who's reading this and got to this point a happy 2024 and may you get lots of opportunities in your life so you can seize them and be one step closer to the success you want to reach.

Thank you for reading and see you next post!!!



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