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Hi there, welcome! I'm a non-professional musician with no specified music genre.
I'm currently in college studying for computer engineering, and I'm likin' it!
Give a listen to my music and leave feedback to help me improve!

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Posted by AlbeGian - 1 month ago


(Also mid-august update)

I've been working in a lot of stuff as I literally always mention, but I was able to finish one of my most beloved tracks of this year!!

I present to you: Optic Fiber !!! (audience claps and cheers, followed by cricket sounds. fade to black.)

This song is actually my first song in collaboration with a youtuber and fellow newgrounder named @4O4Tales (links can be found here:)



I'm super super happy for the results with this one so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did enjoyed making this ^^


Posted by AlbeGian - April 13th, 2019

Ok so hey everyone! Here's the new content for this month!

Domain and Success

Nothing much to say actually, this song had a large time of development, I think it started on last year's final months I think? I don't know, I just know that this project is somewhat old, but I finally completed so here we are!


Ok so the title in this one is supposed to mean ''Deep Sea'' in japanese, since that was the idea that remained after consolidating the composition, to represent an experience underwater but from my own point of view, with no classic ocean sounds, no shuniji, or pirates, or mermaids, or epic orchestral compositions about the previous ones, etc. No, I wanted this to be special, and it resulted special, and I'm very happy with the results ^-^

Don't forget to share my work with the people and listen to my other songs, I got really weird stuff lmao

See you next post!



Posted by AlbeGian - February 21st, 2019

Hey everyone! It's my 19th birthday today, and I'm super happy for it for some reason haha

In 6 days I'm 3 years since I first officially joined this incredible community and I celebrate that too! This place is growing everyday along with their members, and I'm really happy to be part of it!

Thanks to everyone for being supportive and I'm glad many of you like what I do, that's really motivating.

No news about my music and stuff, I've been pretty busy these last days, but I'm working in something I hope you'll like (I'll maybe upload a little preview soon).

For a bright future and the years to come!! Have a great day people and keep being amazing!


Posted by AlbeGian - February 13th, 2019

Hi everyone! This is officially my first post.

I'm close to being 3 years old in the page and 19 years in real life, and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported me, who listened to my music and shared it with their friends, familiars, etc., BIG thank you, it means a lot to me to reach more people each time. You can follow all my music here!

These last years' been a blast, a lot of cool stuff happened, along with what's about to come. I officially started college to study Computer Engineering and I'm loving it! There's also A LOT of projects I've involved in, such as:

  • New songs, in progress...

  • An Audio Drama project featuring many known talented people of Newgrounds,

  • I'm also collaborating on the official spanish translation of the game Wandersong by Greg, Em and Gord (come chill with us in the wandersong discord server!)

  • If you liked the OST of Minecraft, you should know that C418 is the mastermind behind everything! You can listen to all his albums here, and join our disfunctional family in his official C418 discord!

  • Have you watched Sublo and Tangy Mustard yet? Of course you have! For those spanish-speaking people and for those who simply love spanish so much, I make the subtitles for spanish (neutral, not from Spain) in the Youtube channel, which you can access by clicking here. (Don't forget to support Aaron Long too, he's an amazing person!)

  • One of my first songs was used in an entry of a pilot for Adult Swim called Vikings of the Interstate, which you can see here! This was actually one of my biggest surprises, I was so happy that something I actually make, gets on a movie with more than 30k views... no, even better... a pilot for adult swim! Ah what a god feeling. And since then, I haven't lost inspiration to make music for everyone!

Well as you may have noticed, a lot of stuff happened and everything is amazing! I hope I can someday make another news post (I'm not that kind of person who posts pretty much), and I hope you all who are reading this have a great year and be happy!