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Non-professional musician with no specified music genre. I sometimes tend to make weird amalgamas using orchestra, chiptune, ambient drones, etc.
Thank you for passing by! ^^

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AlbeGian's News

Posted by AlbeGian - July 30th, 2021

Hey all. I'm testing a name change from AlbeGian to AlbeGN for personal motives. All previous art containing AlbeGian are not going to be changed because I'm just fucking lazy.

The pronuntiation of it is exactly the same btw lol

Update: i hate it, reverting to original next month lmfao

Update 2: Forget this ever happened lolmfao


Posted by AlbeGian - July 7th, 2021

Good morning/afternoon/evening, dear Newgrounds user.

I cannot stress enough how happy and grateful I am for the 500 users who are or have been following my content throughout the 5 years I've been on this community, but I'll give it a try:



I'm sincerely astonished at how far I've gotten in this place with my complex and quirky way of expressing myself through music, and these kinda things make me not want to stop. Never stop.

I'm honestly out of words at the moment so I'm really sorry for not being able to write something moving or inspiring like other people here do. Feels really bad to not being able to express how meaningful this is to me. It's kinda like, uh... like I feel more "observed" but not in the bad way, in the good way:

The good way where my music slowly gets acknowledged my more and more people every minute, every day, every week, every year.

The good way where someone who didn't have any "base" --(having musical producing stuff at home or having family members who were involved in music production and that kinda stuff that usually wakes up the "I WANNA DEDICATE TO MUSIC" eureka moment in some people)-- and started dabbling into music at like 15 years old can make stuff that can be appreciated by people around the world and polished to become productions of decent-but-enjoyable quality.

Having this last thing in mind, I want to say that no matter when you start making music, or drawing, animating, programming, writing, etc., if you continue doing it while putting dedication and love into it, you can reach results that will be so unexpected that the you from the past will not fucking believe how the hell have you become the talented person you are today even if they didn't have any of that in mind for the future in the first place. This applies to everything. There's no age limit for learning or expressing yourself, as long as you do what you love and love what you do, because if others could do it then so can you (it even rhymes! i kinda wanna use this as my catchphrase lol).

Once again, thank you so much to everyone in this place and outside this place for all the kind words and the constructive or unconstructive feedback. It makes all these last years of effort a meaningful thing, and I really appreciate that.

Now this next thing is something I wanted to do as soon as I reached the ultimate milestone of 1000 fans but I don't know if the list would remain the same by the time I reach that number. I want to specially thank:

@Troisnyx (for being so amazing and an emotional support to me. Your verbally broad lexicon is so moving and poetic that a rap battle with you might as well be my thesis for my English translation career hahahah) as well as LITERALLY EVERYONE at Troisnyx's discord server for being so talented and great in your own ways. I'm really really sorry I didn't tag you but you know who you are. Love every single one of ya

Everyone at @TheNewgroundsPodcast INCLUDING all the guests just because y'all kick ass by just being yourselves in every episode of the podcast which is fucking hilarious

People from the Party Games & Chill server such as @PsychoGoldfish, @ShitOnAStick, @SplatterDash, @Spadezer, @Jacob, @VoivesByCorey, @Xinxinix, @Jatmoz, @Oddlem, @RealMrSnuggles and everyone else whom I probably forgot to mention (sorry again!!!! D:)

@ChutneyGlaze for that time in vc in your server a long time ago where I got to show you my music and art and you liked it even with your impressive talent for art and animation. You may not have noticed but your words at that time meant a lot to me so thanks a lot. Also thank you to everyone in Chutney's server for hanging out with me when we get together, you guys are really funny and great company.

Fellow musicians I haven't mentioned yet such as @Phonometrologist, @Teravex, @BrandyBuizel, @CryNN, @Quarl, @PredatorMusic, @littlbox, @ForgottenDawn, @FelixZophar, @Shiverwar, @MetalRenard, @JessieYun, @Bitbeak and many many many many many many many many many many many many many many others

And finally @TomFulp for creating an opportunity for people with lots of potential to start from the ground up, while being the coolest and most chill guy of the world at the same time.

As soon as I hit the K I'll most likely do a more intense tagging including way more people (you're on time to stop me >:) heheh) but for now these are some names of people who shaped my experience on Newgrounds in a significant amount.

Upcoming projects and that kinda stuff

NGADM 2021

That's right, AL-BE makin' a return for NGADM this year, and it's going to be EXCITING AF. I honestly can't wait to hear all the new songs people are going to make for this contest aaaaaaaaaaaaa

NGUAC 2021

secret :)

Ambient music EP

I'm preparing my first EP ever and it's gonna be an "ambient-ish" collection of brand new never-seen-before songs by yours truly!!! ^-^

(about the amount of tracks and their proper durations... i have no hecking idea, hahah)

Well I think that's about it. Thank you so much for reading, thank you again so much for the 0.5k fans and I'll see you next update post. Long live Newgrounds! ❤




Posted by AlbeGian - July 2nd, 2021




Posted by AlbeGian - March 30th, 2021

420 / 69 let's fucking gooooooooooooooo



Posted by AlbeGian - February 21st, 2021

21 years old on a day 21 of the year 21 being level 21 on NG... who would have thought!

Yep, Al-be having my birthday today hehe. I don't really want to make a long-ass news post today but I do want, and I don't get tired of doing it, to thank everyone for, once more, liking and supporting my music, my weird-ass personality and more. It means the world to me, it really does.

Honestly, a few years back, I never thought I would find people online who like and share my works, or more importantly friends to play games with or to talk about my likes to. It was a really nice experience to find people to laugh with online while playing games, or friends to talk about music production, and other stuff related. I'm forever grateful for all of that.

I hope to be back on business as soon as March hits the calendar, though I can't really promise anything since college classes are supposedly starting. I'll do my best to keep an eye on everything.

Well that's it, hope you all have an amazing day today, and take care!




Posted by AlbeGian - January 23rd, 2021

(ok so I tried to invent a new genre by grabbing something and putting -step at the end of it lol)

Anyways, it's 2021, so it's time for technology to finally upgrade from the ol' boring bits to the new state-of-the-art tech in data storaging, the qubit! (name even sounds cute! or should I say qute? heh)

Hope you enjoy this small piece I put together back in december, and sorry for the short length, haven't had time to make it.

Happy pixel day, folks.


Posted by AlbeGian - December 22nd, 2020

To everyone new to my profile who followed me on december:



It seemed like yesterday when I was celebrating 300 followers and I'm already about to hit 400! Means a lot to me.

And as form of gratitude, I will release two new songs: one in New Year (I'll try to put it up exactly at 00:00 EST) and the other one on Pixel Day so tune in for those two days!!

Both songs are going to be pretty different from each other. The new year one will keep the emotional orchestra-synth tone I've been giving to my pieces recently, and the Pixel Day one, well... it's a surprise :)

As always, thanks a lot for listening and have great holidays!!!




Posted by AlbeGian - December 4th, 2020

Hey all!!!

Well there's a lot to say in here, so I'll just spit it all out.

First of all,


I really really really freaking appreciate each one of them. Thank you everyone for listening, liking and sharing my works, makes me genuinely happy that a part of me reaches people from other parts of the world. It feels... unreal.

Second, I have updates on the previous post from June, so I'll detail them in order below ↓↓↓↓↓

NGADM (Newgrounds Audio Deathmach) 2020

I won 2nd place!!!! Took a lot of effort and I'm really proud of my success but I'll never forget the submissions of everyone who I competed against. EVERYONE IS JUST SO FULL OF TALENT AAAAAAAA

I hope next year's NGADM be as exciting and great as this year's, can't wat to listen to what people will make!!!!

These are my submissions for rounds 1, 2, 3 and final:

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Final round:

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me throughout the competition, you are all amazingly talented musicians ❤

NGUAC 2020

I got knocked out on auditions LOL

guess my entry didn't reach the "industry standards" the judges intended or whatever the problem was lmao

¡but whatever!

You can still listen to what I made for the auditions here.

And lastly but not leastly, the NEW stuff that's been happening until now:


I compiled several of my best songs into a DELICIOUS orchestral album called Wonderchestra which you can get here ↓↓↓↓↓


Your support would REALLY help me and I will be eternally grateful with you

Collabuggles with the Snuggles

I had the honor to collab with the one and only @RealMrSnuggles in an epic track which you can listen below!! (no mention this is my first collab song on NG and I'm really excited for it)

This man makes great stuff go check his other works!!

Tankmas ADVENTure 2020!!!

I participated on this year's Christmas ADVENTure too! GO play it !!!

This is the song I made for it:

(sadly you can't hear it anymore because it was available the first couple of days but you'll be able to hear it in-game again soon!!! in the meantime you can still listen to it)

I think that's it for now. Thank you everyone on Newgrounds for a fantastic musical year and I hope we can get through this ass-sucking virus together soon! I can't be more greatful of all the extremely talented friends I've made in this website, who I forever treasure in my memories and heart.

Hope you all have great holidays, a Merry Christmas, a happy New Year and remember:

Do what you love and love what you do!!!!!!!



Posted by AlbeGian - June 29th, 2020

YOOO wazzup i'm back with more news n stuff nobody will see anyways

TL;DR there's a bunch of new songs:

AIM 2020 submissions. Yep, I entered this year's Art Inspired Music with two submissions that imo they're REALLY good and you should check them out:

NGADM 2020 audition entry. Remember that one post months ago about a wip of an orchestra song? Of course you don't lol. Well turns out I forgot to announce it cuz i'm dumdum. It's called Spirits of Ancient Giants and it's probably my magnum opus until date (it even won daily 5th place!), and now also my entry to this year's Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch. You can give it a listen (and leave lots of love n feedback in the comments ^^) here:

NGUAC 2020: (Update 07/24) I finally have a song for the NGUAC Tryouts! This song is a BOP and you should check it out right below:

Chiptune: oh i also made a chiptune i guess. its here:

i like it because the id is close to "000" lmao

Well that's about it for this Mid-year's update. See ya next time or news post or something! Lots of luv for all of ya <3


Posted by AlbeGian - April 7th, 2020

That's right bruhs I got bored in quarantine and pulled this out. This is what I think it would sound if a lot of friends or random people gathered in one place and randomly started making music, playing lots of instruments, reaching harmony...

Hope you enjoy this.